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Our work together is centered around creating a supportive space for you to explore and discover insight into your relationship with yourself and others. As a relational psychodynamic therapist, I believe that our past greatly influences our present making it difficult to break unhelpful patterns and build the life we want for ourselves. We’ll work to find new ways of relating by grounding you in a sense of resilience, embracing your vulnerability, and helping you to integrate the skills you already possess with ones that you may need. Through our ongoing dialogue, we will encounter unresolved conflicts, and unmet needs that may be impacting your well-being and together weave a greater understanding and self-awareness to help you get unstuck and access a more fulfilling life. 


I specialize in working with adults and couples/pairs wrestling with challenges which may include anxiety, depression, insecurity, relationship issues, trauma and pain. Typically I work with motivated clients who are struggling through a transition such as a career shift, ending a relationship, becoming new parents or are seeking to make a change. My approach has been described as warm and direct, helping patients to see themselves in a new light.


About Me

I am a Canadian cis-gendered white woman who leans toward existential/systems thinking with a touch of dark humor. My usual pronouns are “she/her” but “they” works just fine too. I am LGBTQ+, non-traditional monogamy, and kink-affirming.


I can be contacted at I offer a sliding scale and a free 20 minute phone consultation so we can get to know each other and see if we may be a good fit.


Registered Psychological Associate PSB94027464. Under the supervision of David Cushman, PsyD, (PSY28312).

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